Sunday, February 13, 2005

RoiClicks PPC Adds ClickBank Affiliate Program

Growing PPC search engine adds a new 50% referral program so you get a commission on the advertisers deposits, plus credits towards your own advertising. Not bad considering you also get an automatic $25 sign-up bonus to use with all your sites.

This $25.00 sign-up bonus is a great idea to send to your mailing lists so they can promote your programs and theirs. Why not? It's like FREE advertising for a few days or weeks!

You can view more information about affiliate program at


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Instant Buzz 2.0 has just launched version 2.0!

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Generate not only traffic but also get hundreds of subscribers under you, all helping drive traffic to your site and programs. What could be easier? It's all automatic! They offer a great forum to boot. If more exposure is what you need, find it here.

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